[Koreos] TWICE 트와이스 – Dance The Night Away Dance Cover 댄스커버

🎉Let’s Dance The Night Away🎉
Throwback to when Twice made the world Dance The Night Away! We only had two choices; YES OR YES 😀
CHEER UP cus we are sending you a SIGNAL that we will be back with more HEARTSHAK(ER)ing covers 😍 Thanks everyone for always being supportive of us and teaching us WHAT IS LOVE!

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DOUYIN抖音: @koreosucla
Bilibili: KoreosUCLA

Beginning production in December 2014, Koreos is a UCLA-based K-Pop dance cover team made up of members who each bring their own diverse and unique flavors. Koreos unites these flavorful individuals under one family who, with their passions for K-Pop and dance, create dance covers and compete in cover dance festivals to share their love with fellow K-Pop fans around the world 🌎💞

Momo – Susie Shu (Advisor) @susiemeoww
Dahyun – Tanya Nguyen (Administrative Manager) @tanya_ism
Mina – Anita Wang @anita_wangg
Sana – Cindy Gu @cindygu_tv @cindy_gu
Tzuyu – Kristy Chan @krichansty
Jihyo – Lucy Wang @lucyxiaowang
Jeongyeon – Mars Bruce Chen @marsehole
Chaeyoung – Reika Gong @reika_gong
Nayeon – Von @von5xo

Filmed by:
Bao Vu @baovu0227

Edited by:
Susie Shu @susiemeoww

This video is used only for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.